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Subject: Census Encounter (gay/adult youth, oral, anal M/m)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit
sexual acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic
scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult males... If this
type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not
read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for
personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to
re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for
permission.If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the
topic distasteful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if it
evokes memories of your own, please let me know. I am happy to
write stories from outlines.Copyright 2010 Wolf, All rights reserved.You may contact me at if you like. All
flames will be ignored. Census Encounter
Wolf One warm day while working as a census taker in the town of
Elkader, Iowa a small town located on Highway 13. The town was
established as a farming community astride the Turkey River as a
French colony between 1830 and 1847. It is the county center for
Clayton County. The population has been stable for generations
about 1600 people. My job was to go from house to house and
interview the residents about the number of people living there, ages,
educations, occupations and a few other items. I happened at approach the entrance to a duplex. When I
knocked on the door to the left there was no answer. I made a note
to revisit that house at a later date. Then I knocked on the door to
the right. I was about to make the same notation about the
residence, when I heard footsteps approaching the door. I put my
ballpoint pen back in my shirt pocket and waited for the door to open. You never know what to expect when a door opens. This time of
day it is normally a housewife. They may or may not understand why
the government is taking a census. They may resent your intrusion
into their private lives. I have hotrod bikini model to explain to them that the
government has to conduct a census every 10-years. There are a
number of reasons for doing this. One reason is to establish how
many congressmen to represent their State. The amount of State
and Federal money apportioned to an area comes from the census. I
was rehearsing my speech while waiting for the door to open. When the door opened it was a young man about 15 to
18-years-old. He was a very attractive youth. The way he was
dressed and the way he said, "Hello!" just cried out child nn supermodels GAY. He was wearing a tight body fitting white T-shirt, with a
lithograph of a blue tulip on the front. His jeans were faded, torn
and with obviously deliberately located holes that were frayed. His
knees, thighs and ass cheeks golden growth model were exposed. He was wearing clean
white sneakers. His hair was a bit too long for a conservative, bible
belt, farming community. He placed one hand on his hip as he shifted his weight and held
the other hand chest high with a limp wrist as he waited for me to
explain my presence. I went into my speech about that I was a
government census taker. I made sure he saw my laminated pictured
identification placard hanging from the beaded chain around my neck.
He invited me in as he opened the screen door. He invited me to have a seat on the couch while he sat in a
comfortable chair. After explaining to him my mission he casually
answered the questions as I made notations on my clipboard. I was
not thinking about the possibility of sex with this young man because
I was a 65-yearold, overweight, very bearish kind of guy. I come
across as a masculine, straight man. I figured I was not the kind of
man that he was attracted to. Most times I don't trip anyone's
Gaydar. In my younger days I had been laurie model 4chan topped by many young males. I
loved having a smoothed skinned youth slip their cocks into my ass.
For me there was nothing better brunette model becca
than having a cock in my ass while
sucking on the cock of youngvideomodels sample another youth. I had also deposited my hot
seed playboy model pussy
in many a young boy toy too. My mind was wondering about past
adventures while there were pauses in my interview. I'm sure this
young man noticed my distraction. He asked me, "Would you care for a glass of cold lemonade?" It was a warm day and I had been talking for hours. My throat
was dry and any cold liquid would be appreciated. I thankfully
accepted his offer. As he headed for the kitchen balloon fetish model area I admired the
swing of his hips and the sight of his ass cheeks through the holes in
his jeans. I was sure I even got a glimpse of pink lace panties.
When he returned with two glasses of iced lemonade I admired just
how kissable his mouth looked. When he handed me one of the
glasses he placed that hand on top of the hand resting on top of my
clipboard, as he tucked ertl model tanks one leg under the other as he sexy models bmx sat down on the
couch next to me. I felt my cock spring to life and press against the
bottom of the clipboard. It was obvious that he was flirting with me. I turned to look at him before asking him, "Are you sure you
want to do this?" That young models pissing was when this young man leaned over and kissed me on the
mouth. I could nn teen models not resist sticking my tongue into his mouth. I
started pulling his T-shirt over his head. Just as I had suspected his
body was hairless as a new born baby. I could not resist pinching his
nipples. He took my clipboard and sat it on the coffee table in front
of us. Then he placed the palm of his hand on my lap. He gave my
cock was soft squeeze. Abruptly he stood up and gave the front of
his jeans a tug. The copper buttons popped open in quick succession.
As they opened his hip hugger, pink laced panties were exposed. He
used his toes to remove his tennis shoes one at a time before pulling
down those ragged jeans. I was looking at the round bulge where his
cock and balls were held tightly behind those pink panties. He was trying to tease me with a little striptease exhibition.
He pulled the front of the panties away a little to give me a peek at
his pubic area. His pubic area was shaved clean and there were no
tan lines on his pale skin. I was just as impressed when he turned
around and pulled down his panties in back. His butt was as plump as
a girl's. I resisted reaching out to feel his butt. He wiggled his butt
like a pole dancer for my benefit before he turned around to face me
again. He eventually pulled the front of the panties down over the
bulge. Despite his diminutive size he was well endowed. I could not
resist taking hold of his beautiful dick and jacking him off until he
was fully erect. I sucked his circumcised cock while the youth
stroked my hair. I stopped short of sucking him off because I wanted his cum in
my ass. We kissed some more while the youth fumbled with my
panted so that he could jack me ertl model tanks off too. I asked him if there would
be enough time to have sex before anyone would get home. He
assured me that we would have plenty time to enjoy each other. I
helped him take off my clothes. I had left my sports coat in the car.
The tie had to come off first, then the white 'Oxford' dress shirt.
The youth had unbuckled my belt and unfastened the top of my
slacks. He even knelt in front of me to remove my wing tip shoes and
socks. Then he pulled my pants down my hairy legs. The only thing
left to do was remove my boxer shorts. This sexy little boy toys
even smelled the crotch of my shorts after they were free of my
feet. He wanted to kiss me again while he felt my hairy chest. Being
a rather portly man I have pronounced man boobs. He sucked on my
nipples with his nose pressed against my hairy chest. I was feeling
his smooth ass and running my fingers up and down his moist crack
until I found that sweet little asshole. I finger fucked him for a
short time. We both knew that we had to hold off until we fucked
each other. I lay back on the couch and flung my leg over the back
of the couch and left the other foot resting on the floor. He knew
what I wanted and he knelt between my legs and skit on my asshole
before he stuck his cock in my asshole. He fucked me while he
jacked me off. I had stopped him before he made me cum. We
were both sweating by ls model porn
the time he came in my ass. To my
astonishment he got down there and licked the cum out of my asshole.
I in turn sucked his cock while it went soft. Now it was my turn to place him in the other direction on the
couch and place his inside leg over the back of the couch. Now it was
my turn to spit on his asshole. He was whining and whimpering like a
girl while I inserted my cock into his asshole. He was so tight and
warm as I inserted my cock all of the way into his us bondage model ass. By the time I
had my pubic hair pressed against his ass he was moaning like the
little whore he was. While I fucked him he jacked himself off. He
eventually had a climax but only a few drops came out. I wiped the
drops off his belly and licked my fingers. About that child nn supermodels time I felt the
first surge, so I pulled out and squirted my load all over his hairless
balls, cock and belly. Then I lay on top of him and pre girls model rubbed my hairy
belly all over his cum splattered belly. I kissed him with tongue
before getting up. We headed for the bathroom to wash up before I
got dressed and gave the boy one more kiss before heading for the
next house in the neighborhood to conduct the census. I was looking
forward to childs models girls returning to interview the neighbors. Maybe I would get
another chance to play with that boy toy.If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write about
your introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send your
outline to

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